Marvin Gaye

Lucky Lucky Me

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Lady Love sure smiled on me
?When she blessed me with your lovin' charms
?I found my place in some
?Sweet heaven here in your arms?
I'm so lucky baby, so lucky?
Honey, lucky to be loved by you?
And I thank you baby?
For all the loving things you do
?I gotta tell the world about it?
I wanna stand right up and shout it?Well lucky me?
Well lucky, lucky me, ooh baby

??I don't mind stormy weather
?For there ain't no wrong that makes me blue?
And I don't mind if my friends get together
?And leave me out of everything, everything they do?
It's alright baby, if the sun don't shine
?It's impossible to darken my day?
'Cause it doesn't matter to me if I don't get there
?For I'll be wealthy anyway
?Because I know you belong to me?
Well I know baby as long as I got you
?Oh lucky me, baby, lucky me, baby??

In my life there's no misfortune
No trouble knocks down my way?
You're my girl, my guiding star?
Just your smile can chase my blues away?
I can't help it baby, you're so wonderful
?How lucky can one man be
?Oh when you hold me in your sweet embrace
?And they all belong to me?
I gotta tell the world about it
?Honey, I'm gonna stand right up and shout it?
Oh lucky me, baby, lucky lucky me?
Oh I've been blessed with you baby
?Lucky lucky me
Baby, listen, heaven sent you my way?
Oh, lucky lucky me, baby, baby?
Honey, honey, I've been blessed, yeah
?By your lucky charms...

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