Lust In Space

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Again, what grim vision this?
Bloodstained tomb, beer-cans, and piss...
This is no life...
For a god
Is this my fate?
Trapped for all time?
Is it too late?
The only thing worth living for...escape!

I gaze through the night and behold constellations
Still bearing the scars of my disintegrations

So many hours I wasted my powers
On murder and madness and deadly red rain
Earth is a prison, this life is a curse
This planet's rotation is simply the worst
Days they drag by, a life all too lost
I must escape no matter what cost...
Space, blazes infernal...
My sentence on Earth, eternal...

It sickens me to watch you, all I ever do is cry
And do my best to kill you because all of you must die!
And although I created you
I always have hated you
Fuck this place!
Oh how I long for lust in space

So many years of bloodlust and tears
My struggles mean nothing
Ja, ja, all ist klar...
Earth is a tomb, and abyss of time
I can't accept it's the end of the line
The Scumdogs are calling, I must go back
If I can escape Earth, I swear I'll quit crack

Call-girls on comets, carnality that's felt...
Dock your Lord-barge at the Garteroid belt
Bimbo's in limbo awake with a "Boom!"
Revealing a teat twice the size of the moon

Lust in space
Lust in space
Fleischlust auf raum!
Lust in space

An outer-space orgy with freaks of all races
As bright orange cum spatters sluts with all faces
Meteoroided freakazoids they exude prurience
Omni-sexuals display sodomic puissance

Lust in space!

So many stars, so many bars!
Outer space is quite the place, even from afar!
Out there I've humped millions and felt no shame
Never excluded the old or the lame
My sexploits were legend, I could have gone into porn
But I like killing more than sex,
I always was a battle-borne...

But space teems with danger, the perils are countless
Enemies infinite, vengeance that's boundless!
Wars that are so fun you don't want to win!
Against the most hated, Cardinal Syn...

Lust in space!

The Earth is a gallstone I'll leave far behind
A marble I garbled, never to find
Space blazes infernal
No interest in matters paternal
Hyperspace makes me horny and I don't know why
A zero-grav hard on can make me so high
Space it blazes infernal
My love for kinky sex, eternal

As we enter the black hole
Her nebula was crawling with crabs
White dwarf and black troll
We gave it all we had