Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mad Hatter

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We just landed
We just touched down
It just hit home yeah that a good man's gone
Hey cat in the hat
We're all gunna miss you
And all of your practical jokes yeah
And takin three steps with you

We never say goodbye we always say so long
You had nine lives I can't believe their all gone
Mad hatters movin' on yeah he's movin on

Well I will see you again one way or another
And now that your there yeah say "Hello" to our brothers


The cat in the hat is gone


Travelin' man the spirits never gone
It lives on and on and on and on

Mad hatter mmmmmmmmmmm


So how 'bout our tribute
And light up a match
And tell all your brothers and sisters about the cat in the hat
He had nine lives I cant believe there all gone
I know the mad hatter he's movin on
Mad hatters movin on
Oooooohhh he's gone
Travelin' on travel on
Mad haters movin on see ya later

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