Red Hot Chili Peppers

Magpies On Fire

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Magpies on fire
Making love like little wolves
Out on the porch
Can lead to medicine
Oh well I’m game
For anything at all

Scare crow’s a liar
Spins a yarn and no one
Ever checked it out
To see if it was real
Sold you the moon
Now it’s time to fall

All along
It’s like a bird
Who’s trapped alone
Inside your cage, love

What more do you want
How much more can you take
I love my mistakes
I’ve been here before

All and all
It’s just the call
Of something wild
Beyond your room

There’s a changing
Of the major chord
Your minor threat
Will do…love

My gun misfired
Shot myself instead
I guess I always knew
I’d be the one to lose
That screen door slams
Time to make a move

A bird who’s born
To live at half your age, girl
A bird who’s
Never really had a say

Least of all
She’s like a bird
Who’s now been freed
From someone’s cage

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