Dusty Springfield

Mama's Little Girl

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I took the ribbon from my hair,
and I'm lettin' it all hang down
So if your lookin' for the same old me,
gotta tell you that shes left town

Dont try to call the number baby
your gonna get no reply,
Cause suddenly I'm changin,
Im finally rearrangin'

In this day of liberation,
Im lookin to find myself
Whats the use of bein patient
you aint goin no where

got my own two step together
and i want the first slow dance with you

I just saw Venus risin
and I guess I'm realizin

I aint mamas little girl no more
baby your the first to know
I aint mamas little girl no more
I took a little time to grow

Its gonna be worth the waitin,
the anticipatin',
I m not mamas little baby. no more

Well I ve been everyone's best friend,
someone they could tell their troubles to,
I found they never notice me
and the pain that I was goin through

Ive seen the lonely side of livin
I never want to go back there again
Sun on me is dyin
Tonight theres no denyin



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