Man From Milwaukee

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I've been sitting here too long by a man from milwaukee
He's been talking to long on his yellow walkie-talkie
He's been talking to Mars but I think he's wacky
He says they'll come get him, come get him some day

He says where he's from is called albertane
there they use more than 10% of the brain
But you couldn't tell it from the way they behave
they run around in underwear and they never shave
Or maybe I'm hallucinating, hyperventilating
If you asked my now then I couldn't tell you why
(repeat Chorus)
(Zac) This is Mother Bird calling Baby Bird
Baby Bird come in, Baby Bird
For the love of Pete, come in!
This is Baby Bird...Sorry I was watching Court TV
Do you copy? Do you copy?
Of course we copy...24 hours a day...in color!
You wouldn't believe me if i told you the rest
the man sitting by me who was barely dressed
He flew off to Milwaukee, or perhaps Albertane
And left me at the bus stop just barely sane
I've been sitting here too long thinkin' about Milwaukee
I've been talking too long on my yellow walkie-talkie
I'm talking to Mars, you may think that I'm wacky
I know they'll come get me, come get me someday
I know they'll come get me and take me away
I know they'll come get me, come get me someday
If not tomorrow then maybe today