Cradle Of Filth


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Write a story. Any story.
But let it have dragons...

O Gods of war
In the jungle corridor
I feel your haughty presence feasting the Manticore

She stalks the shadows, burning
The smoke is thick and reaks of blood
Her hunger an eternal yearning

Tantric, necromantic, a wank fantasy of faith
She religiously feeds
A feverous all man-eater
In the trees I see her eyes like slithering she of snakes
Monstrous this chimera
In her beautiful anger

Screaming from the pulpit
Damnation's oratory
She is the whispering poisoned dart
And the breath of Armageddon all around
The embodiment of evil in a body full of raptures


Press the silent violin of frisson over horror
In my forced hand
Sphinx will sing her song and coloured in lullabies
Death endorsed invades our lands

Gigantic, pyromantic
A beast of naked flame
Panting blackened masses from her opulent Godhead
Ill-barbed are those tongues spread wings eclipse her frame
And in her deep crevasses Kundalini vents unfed

In darkness
Her fastness threshed with fleshing teeth
She comes to masticate you whole

She is the bane of mothers
Grand leveller of Maa Kali's Mardi Gras
What man would damn the world to summon her?

Be still
Pray silence lest she stoops to conquer

The perverse acid queen
Ten thousand pillars in her heart
Uphold a cracked palace of frozen killers
And the mirror in her soul
Polished black for scrying nightmares
Bubbles with a lust
That yearns to burn again

Razor backed, she attacks
Empire's battle cat
A creature of the white devil's rule
Mythical and mystical
Provinces will recall the swarm of refugees from her pall

Mimicking victims
With a voice of the choicest deadpanned in pain
Awful claws hold rapport with the skins of mankind

She is the whispering poisoned dart
And the breath of Armageddon all around
The embodiment of evil in a valley full of raptors

A lick of fire on her lips as silent as a will o wisp
She comes amongst you all, tigressive
Blazing in her pride hellraising horrors from the dark-side...


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