36 Crazyfists


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Wake up to you above my bed, angelic stranger
Time waits for no one she said and I believed her
Slowly we danced into the night
Oceans and moonlight and carefully I watched as she set my soul on fire
Time waits for no one she said and I believed her
And time waits for noone she sang, she sang
I suppose to walk away would be too easy
When signs flashed to run without a trace we said forever
Angels in this wake, arrived and gathered fate
How one touch could save the world or at least mine
Death called for me tonight but I'm not answering
Lord pull me down and put me back in place
Storm after storm, awake and alone
I'll give you everything I have, pray it's enough
Feel it pull like the tide, hand of the sea subtly drowning me
Watch it turn, never free, marks on a cell, come devour me
Steadily she'll increase. descending leaps
She passes over me.
Lord pull me down

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