Marvin Gaye

Masochistic Beauty

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Get your ass in gear
Come closer here
See your passion sweat
Now is it wet
I'll jam you 'til you faint
You little saint
I'll rock you 'til your sore
Like a whore
Forget that closet scene
I'm so mean
I'll throw you on the floor
Like fefore
You say it's not your thing
But still you come
You say you hate my guts
Still want some
You silly little freak
Tryin' to rise
The devil's strong in you
It's in tour eyes
The thing that's deep in you
You can't resist
I'm gonna tie you up and have my wish
You do not understand but still you love
The way you worship it it's all your thinking of
Everybody knows the thing you love
While your on your knees raise your dress above..
Get down..

Shut up...
You nasty little slave kiss my feet
Put your face right here and start to eat
Get down...shut up...get down...get up
If you do it right you get the pipe
And if you do it wrong I'll spank you long
I love you my masochistic beauty
I love you I love your booty
I love it my my masochistic beauty..yes
I love you I love your booty
And it's my duty to spank your booty
And it my duty to spank your booty

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