Across The Sun

May Silence Keep You

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It comes from deep within
So swiftly without warning
A place that no one speaks of
Cares not for what's at stake
The beast tears into walls of the soul

Then breaks loose
Writhing and wretched
It breathes genocide
Upon the fiber of your being
Until nothing remains

Hosting monstrosities
Body becomes a vessel
Controlling every step that's made
If left undone, true self expires
For all time

May silence keep you always
Pray for the death
That you wrought
Walk with me
Come feel the light once more

Releasing this ghost of ages
Transforming before my very eyes
Reflection not my own
Descending to lifeforms unknown

Evolving within to find a way
To cross the line, staying alive
Release me, be done with me
Become no more

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