Mechanical Mind

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Wake up and fall into dementia!

External clash from all around
My spirit surges from underground
Red blooded eyes, all becomes real
I'm coming out, from dead asleep

Pressurized, panic hype
Sickening cold
Indisposed soul

Memory strikes, a lightning bolt
Across my mind, the pattern rolls
Inside the rules, besides the fear
My head is like a battlefield

Petrified. Fossilized
Shaking bones
Turning to stone

Ahhh can't explain what is wrong
Ahhh can't describe what is going on

Can't decide, can't decide what is wright, can't decide, can't decide if I'm down
Can't decide, can't decide day and night, can't decide can't decide, if I'm so low
Can't decide, can't decide is it bad, can't decide, can't decide, me or you
Can't decide, can't decide, that's about it, leave me here

In the distance, I can see myself in the fog of nothingness
Breaking down the wall between my home and my consciousness
In this realm of reality, I am forced to obey and connect
With entities who live in this bad dream, I want to forget. Ahhhh!
It just won't get out of me, I just can't get out of me! Ahhhh!

Na na na!

The night arrives, the guilt inside, the worms of mind, scarred me for life
The night became a song, the same, the screams, the blame, the wall of shame
Why am I? No reason why, time's not a friend, leads me to the end