Me & My Gun

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Free Association
Psycho Fucking Pricks
The Art Of Becoming Is The Beginning Of The End
Bastard Child From A Rabid Bitch
Suicidal Tendencies Born High Risk

Go To Town With A Pump Gun Up Your (Cunt)
Ak-47 ?92 Beretta
Don't Give A Good God Damn What You Think Of Me Or What I Do

H&K Mp5
Smith & Wesson Model 29
Sps Glock 17
A One Man Army I Was Born To Be

Do It For Kicks - Show & Tell
Do It For Fun - Shotgun Shell
Do It For Love - Raise Hell
Like Hand In Glove
Me And My Gun

No Prior Violation
Let Thy Will Be Done
Give Praise To This Motherfucking White Trash Scum
Without Provocation
Kill Anyone
Ready For Action
Whatever May Come

I Hate Monday Tuesday Wednesday ? Everyday ? Always
Just An Ordinary Girl At War With The Everyday World

You Can Blame It On The Media
Circus For The Stars
Music Movies Or The Man In Mars
But I Am What I Am
Just As Before
No Fear Or Remorse
Evil To The Core

Now Listen Up Kid
It Ain't Cool To Shoot Up Your School!