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Simplicity, does not come easy
When you're dreaming of being someone else
And grace you see is fleeting
When you're bleeding your inner self
Have Mercy on me please
Have Mercy, I'm on my knees
I'm being broken again and again
I'll keep being broken until I remain
When you're locked away
Fighting shadows, constant battles
Trying to feel safe
When your own armor starts killing you
Cause it's causing you to sink beneath its weight
Call for mercy, won't you please
Call for mercy, get on your knees
You're being broken, again and again
You'll keep being broken, until you remain
So feel the pain, give into it
Cry till you crack, that's how the light gets in
Set your weapons on the ground
Until you're naked and trembling now
And when you think you can't stand any more
Give mercy to someone in need
Give mercy, don't you see
Life will break our hearts, again and again
We'll keep being broken until we remain
Can't you see
I have broken wide open
Let yourself be broken wide open
I have broken open