George Strait

Merry Christmas Strait To You

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It’s christmas time
I see the lines of people everywhere
Tryin’ to pick out the gifts
That show how much they care
It makes me wish that I could see my friends
On christmas day
And fill my list with lots of gifts
But I can only say
Here comes a merry chritmas strait to you
I hope it cheers you up when you are down and feelin’ blue
Right or wrong I’ll sing my song
And you will know just who
Sings a merry christmas strait to you
There’s lot of ways to share the days
Of christmas with your friends
A christmas card, a tree that stars
And gifts that make you grin
I’d like to share this song with everyone who came our way
Without a doubt the fires not out
It burns for you today
Here comes a merry christmas
And to all who might of missed us
A very merry christmas strait to you

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