Middle Of Hell

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Wake up! Buck up and listen!

Where am I?

Head reeling, I guess I wasn't dreaming.

Heart racing. Hard to breathe.

You were right.

Got myself here in the middle of Hell.

It's all right. I'll be all right.

All right.

Laser light shines bright behind me.

Can't see what's ahead or beside me.

Everyone here has a gun.

We drive straight down the centerline.

No mistakes, not like last time.

You don't want to be on the wrong side of Hell.

I'm all right. I'll be all right.

All right.

I'm just trying to hold on

to whatever is left of me.

Keeping my head down,

crawling on my hands and knees.

They're always out there.

I feel their eyes always watching me.

If you blink...they'll disappear.

The Med E Vac lifts off the ground and I

can't feel a thing.

I don't really understand what happened.

There are some here

that won't make it out alive but

it's not gonna be me...

this time. You'll see!

I'll be all right. I'll be all right.

All right.