Your Demise

Miles away

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The beat went on and I just stopped,
My hands are tied but my heart was not.
You let go of me, to hold on to better things.
In a world of Someones, I just wanted to be no one.
Live my life on my own, selfish I know, but who would even know?

I'm not one to be screaming Fuck The World.
But muttered under long breaths,
There's no life I would have rather lived.

Immersed in my own regret,
Smoking myself to sleep,
I will never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death.

If I could change myself I would be a better man,
But I just hang on to the boy inside,
I'm never happy with myself,
But living for the downside is far too easy.

Alone, alone, so alone,
On and on and on.
Times have changed and I've changed perception, but I still remember.
Alone, alone, so alone,
On and on and on.
Being so heavy-hearted
Fleeting days remind me of how I used to be.