10 Cc

Modern Man Blues

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I'm tired Lord and I'm drawn
And I'm chilled right to the bone
I crawled home from my work
And this note said she was gone
Said your dinner's in the cat
And your love is out the door
I'm goin' back to my momma
And I don't want you no more, no more
She said she don't want me no more
She's gone back to her momma
Said she's never never comin' back no more

Now a man can take so much
And only heaven knows his limit
But a naggin' bitchin' woman
Digs a hole and puts him in it
A sophisticated man
Needs a little something on the side
So what you don't get at home
You've gotta get outside, hey

She's gone
I'm spending all of my money
She's gone, gone, gone
And I can swing with my honey
She's gone
I'm so glad my woman's gone