K. T. Oslin

Momma Was A Dancer

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My little girl asked me
Momma, tell me what'd ya do for fun
When you were young
Did you date a lot of boys
Or did ya just date one
How'd ya get your fun
Did ua talk on the telephone
With your best girlfriend
Whenever things went wrong
Tell me Momma
How did you get your fun

(Well, I told her
Honey, Momma was a dancer
Your momma could really get up and move around the floor
Your momma was a real good dancer
Before your daddy came along
That's all your momma lived for)
I was known as Nelda Jean Prudie
I was a real Texas cutie
I drove a Thunderbird
I had a ponytail
And every day after school
Me and Jimmy McCool
Would drive to Nat's cafe
Where we'd dance the day away
And every Friday and Saturday night
I'd go down to the gym
And I'd dance all night
That's how your momma, Nelda Jean Prudie
Had fun

(Repeat Chorus)
Before your daddy taught me bout romance
Well, I'd drive a thirty mile dirt road in the bird
Just to catch a dance
That's how your momma, Nelda Jean Prudie
Had fun

(Repeat Chorus)
Talkin' about your momma
Wanted to do

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