Rick Wakeman

Monkey Nuts

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Buy a good clean living aid
By climbing through my cage
I've got used to living life
As if I was on stage
People like to look at me
I score with old and young
I must fight a very handsome battle
And go home

Bars are all that separate me from the human ape
Otherwise we're just the same
Why bother to escape
They have all the nasty habits
None of us display
Which of us has got it right
It's not for me to say

I could out-stare anyone
Who comes to stare at me
I could show them weird things
They didn't come to see
Drawing crowds in minutes then
With one repulsive move
Make them scatter
Rush for exits
Then you learn the truth

Who's on the outside
Who's looking in
Who will come from who
Who is origin
When the line is drawn
When the tale is just
Who is the primate
Who is monkey nuts

I say...
That spotty little thing's just taken my banana.

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