Moongleam And Meadowsweet

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See her face shine in the moonlight
Soft as silk and white as cream
Silently I watch her slumber
Gently kiss her cheek
Then I lay my weary head beside hers
Close my eyes and dream

In the morning she'll awake
Cast off the night and shine like summer
She dances all about me and sparkles like a stream
Her hair is full of meadowsweet
She's wrapped in leafy green
She's wrapped in leafy green

On bended knee before you with tears in my eyes
I pledge that till my dying day my sword is on your side
(Forever on your side)

And I love you more than life
I swear that you mean everything to me
And everything I'd sacrifice
If my lady, you would favour me

Far brighter than the stars your smile
You hold the richest sunset in those eyes
You are England, you are my England

Fear not lady I'll defend you
In your cause lay down my life
When concrete dragons threaten they shall see my mettle gleam
And die if they should try to steal your cloak
Your cloak of leafy green
Your cloak of leafy green

Of all the things worth dying for
None sweeter have I seen
Than the rose that is my England
In her cloak
Her cloak of leafy green

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