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No more fairytales told in wintertime
No more magic forests, dear
If you wanna go through The Looking Glass now
You will break it down
No more disillusions
No more screaming silence
No more tears, no shadows in the dark
Now you think you're safe in your blue sedan
Hiding dreams in paperback
But sometimes you wake up with your screaming eyes
Moonshine seems too bright
One empty whisper too far
One silent night without end
I let the Moonshine inside
I'm gently making my way through seven
Colors of the night
To get right into your heart
I feel the rhythm inside
In ever cell of my blood
I can't resist anymore
I wanna be hypnotized
I wanna be powerized
I can't resist anymore
Where are you now ?
I need you now ...
I always will remember this moment out of few
You took my hand, I said: "My dreams came true"
I said it all to you
I know... I wanna feel it all again