Napalm Death

More Than Meets the Eye

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The clever box'o'tricks

Tells me I'm paranoid.

But as I uncover,

The sourbess and decay

Echoes my suspicions-

Civilized nations? - A contradictiry farce.

The species supreme speaks with acid tongue.

(There's) more than meets the eye.

Thought process is geared

To caution to te wind.

We shuffle along discriminately,

The danger signs ignored.

Man goads woman.

Child strikes infant.

Turned against each other.

..of those who think it righteous

To liberate the wiser,

Or those who punch hardest

For the land of competition.

(There's) more than meets the eye.

Head swims, heart cries

Because hopelessness resides,

When man last falls.

Who'll be left to fight?

(There's) more than meets the eye