More Will Be Revealed

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So she asked about tomorrow
As I reached across the bed
"and what about the weekend
Boy, you got to plan ahead"
Then she asked me do I love her
In some forever kind of way
So I put my arms around her
And I whispered
"I know what's true today"
More will be revealed
Every second of each day
My heart is healed
There's a new beat every moment
A new world every minute
I don't know where I'm going
At least at last I'm in it

More will be revealed
If you're gonna love
You've got to learn to feel
I'm trying to be patient
I'm ready for a lesson
I'm waiting for the answer
I'm looking for the question
More will be revealed

So she spoke to me long distance
The connection was too good
And she said "let's talk some business
You could be misunderstood
There are lives and miles between us
And a sacrifice or two"
Pressed my lips to the receiver and I whispered
"Right now I just want you"

There's a time to turn the page
Close the book and walk away
There's a time to learn it
Like a ghost, desire haunts
But the heart wants what it wants
Now's the time to burn it