Mariah Carey

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When I'm lost
You shine a light for me and set me free
When I am low
You wash away my tears
And take me through

The loneliness
The emptiness
Through the darkest nights
Somehow I survive
Through it all


When you tell me I'm the only one you need
Sweet and tenderly
And your love
Breaks away the clouds surrounding me
All I have I want to give to thee

If I should fall
Your love is strong enough to lift me up
If I'm afraid
You chase away my fears
And take me to

A brighter place
Beyond the rain
And I feel alright
Because you're by my side
Through it all


You take me through
The loneliness and the emptiness
And I feel alright
'Cause you're by my side


Want to give you all of my love
Now and forever my love
All I have I want to give to thee

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