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Swallowed down another sip of cold coffee
She'd spent three hours by the phone when she got into bed
Voices through her bedroom wall stir up the past
Feelings that she can't control don't seem to find their way out
In her dream he's standing there - he runs his
fingers through her hair
His touch never felt so real - he whisper words she longed to hear
"I can't be here if you're not"
She found forgiveness in his loving eyes
Cared too much to say goodbye
A compromise between four eyes
They found themselves in every smile
Her hopeful heart skipped a beat when she realized
that she'd woken from a dream - The morning sun struck her eyes
She found forgiveness...
Counted days turned into weeks but there's no change in how she feels
Still feels like she's someone else - She find no comfort by herself
But when she dream he's always there
and says the words she'd die to hear
"I can't live if you're not there"