Front Line Assembly


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"Sometimes we have thoughts that are so frightening
we can't even admit to ourselves that we have them."
"Did I torment you, did I perhaps even kill your loved ones? Yes you did."

Control of power
Strangles the mind
Collapse of the system
Destruction begins
From within

Mutilated by sound
Signalling all the senses
Out of mind
Out of soul
The trauma begins

A story never told
From the past
A show remains
Conspiracy aided
Toxic shock

They all lie in a trance
Those idealistic fools
Bent on crutches
All of them bleed
In their tracks
They never look back

Christ, Christ, Christ
What have they done to me?
Christ, Christ, Christ
What have they done to me?

"Wait for me you maniac, I don't know whats going on"

Buried machines
Connecting the unseen
Information warfare
Aggression and betrayal
Radiation codes
Psycho-nerve warfare

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