Fat Joe

My Conscience

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I don't give a fuck... no
I don't give a fuck... no
Sex-money-murder we call this the hit em' up flow
Barely 15 got my first triple beam
Tryna get with fatcat and papy 2 do my thing
I'm jus a kid with ambitions and visions of gettin cream
Ronald reagen told me "yo joey jus do ya thing"
Now I'm lookin back man I ain't have no conscience
Slap a nigga silly til them niggaz fell unconscience
Speakin of my conscience
Now it would be fuckin with me so called activist tryna diss me publicly
And they don't even kno where my heart at heart at and I don't even know where 2 start at start at

But this ya conscience speakin no time for cryin and weepin you tryna climb you reachin up to ya prime u eatin you ripped a ryhme last weekend you cleared a mill no cheatin who gives a fuck wat dey speak jus keep movin leadin u from da place of dem heedins cops need 2 see dem 4 no reason young hustler in da streets bleedin
Moms greivin joe you came up from all dat fuck dat you taught how 2 survive crack

My mind
Is playin trics on me
Am I dreamin or they tryna put da fix on me
Reminisin wen I used to have dem breaks on me
My mind
Is playin trics on me

Would da critics come at u if u was arnold schwarzenager
Killin cops in movies promotin graphic anger
You should run for governor republicans be lovin yea
Yea wave da confederate flag like sum southners nah I rather b on da block like a hustler guns with da mufflaz d's put da cuffs on us hes an mc and dese streets put they trust in us
Yea joey crack but dey also put dey lust in us
Dey fuss with us ain't nobzody helpin em one minute dey cheerin us next minute dey cussin us
Fuck em
Dats dat nigga bitch hoe shit I don't even trust my conscience says no I want to hit him with a nine dese are sum thoughts re-occurin on my mind now

Is dis my conscience speakin sounds like my mentor
Yep u guessed it how else could I enter it's been a couple of years since we rocked the joint venture you ain't been callin me lately u don't rememba
Shit who u think I got my whole style from dem live shows b4 da 20 thousand
Seat arenas b4 cocaine you scott larock bac 2 bac in dem beamers I was just a youngin on da corner I'm a slinga you was on ya album cover finger on da nina flip da 360 man u da teacher self destruction damn u da leader
Joe let's take it back 2 don carter gena u and big pun had da whole bronx demeanor 560 gear dat boricua pride did burners with da tats crew on da 2'5 and 5'5 ya was with realitivity I was jive all dat bull shit u been through how u survive
Krs dats y I am da greatest of all time
Joe I'm da best u must be out ya fuckin mind