The Wedding Present

My Favourite Dress

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Sometimes these words just don't have to be said
I know how you both feel, the heart can rule the head
Jealousy is an essential part of love
The hurting here below and the emptiness above

There's always something left behind.
Never mind

The tender caresses that bring out the man
I can't still be drunk at five
Oh, I guess I surely can
Slowly your beauty is eaten away
By the scent of someone else in the blanket where we lay

There's always something left behind
Maybe next time

Uneaten meals
A lonely star
A welcome ride in a neighbor's car
A long walk home
The pouring rain
I fell asleep when you never came
Some rare delight in Manchester town
It took six hours before you let me down
To see it all in a drunken kiss
A stranger's hand on my favourite dress

That was my favourite dress, you know
That was my favourite dress

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