Fairport Convention

My girl

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Theres been times in my past when the bad times have shone through
And l couldn't hide how hard it was to live not knowing you
And l still believe that long ago in some forgotten pain
I swore to close the door on loving anyone again
With a way of her own is shaking me
with a way of her own is taking me

I was happy when l woke to find you sleeping without care
And l gently took my fingers and l brushed away your hair
The day began in silver dawning on your brow
And l shook hands with the morning for letting me love you now
Come up with the wind of what is done begins to blow
Run off every time you feel the need to see me show we go together
Instrumental Break
The walks to where the sun is and the standing in the cold
Brown leaves in the autumn and always you to hold
I could watch your ways forever and speak my mind begins
Happy in your happiness and tearful in your tears
With a way of her own is shaking me
Can't you see that I'm different she's waking me.

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