Bad Religion

My Head Is Full Of Ghosts

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My head is full of ghosts, but I'm no revenant,
Despite my resident's rivalry.
And I'll be the faithful pilot
On our blind trajectory.

Do you wanna know a secret?
Will you hold it close and dear?
This will not be made apparent,
But you and I are not alone in here.

My head is full of ghosts. No apparition.
A partition from the host.
A temple of cognition
And forbidden to approach.

Oh, to hell with superstition.
There's a stranger in the house.
I don't need no exorcism.
I need a key and the lock is inside out.

Now meta-cognition is just intuition.
And dreamers, we'll bark at the moon.
The weaver's unknown by the loom.

My head is full of ghosts and I'm the pilot
Of ultra-violent ancestry.
And I'll destroy these passersby
With zest and artistry.

Ghost, part apparition,
A partition from the host.
A temple of the hidden
And unbidden to approach.

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