My Life For One More Day

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Listen my teachers
Listen my preachers
Let the world know he broke out
Mankind is saved just to see
What was it
Heaven shall bleed
Satan has taken
One of the seven of faith
Out of the sea
He has buried it under the mountain of greed
Stone by stone
You must carry us
stone by stone
On and on
Untill the sign of life in light shows it's too late
Too late
There is a chance for everyone
Takes time but can be done
Fight the darkness
Don't be afraid my friends
The last key you have to find
And so we'll save mankind
Keep on trying
When I give away
My life for one more day
My life for one more day
My life for our world
You must find the way
My life for one more day
You who will find it
You who will bind it
Throw it back into the sea
Will be successor and follower of fight
Wrath come with treason
For just one reason
Wrath come with envy and lies
Too many people will always belive
In the servant of light

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