No Use For A Name

Nailed Shut

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I always thought I had a pitch-black mind
Surrounding voices changed my view
I feel fine now, it is a shame how I found out:
a) When I was a kid I was full of hate
b) Couldn't save the teenager that never felt blame
c) Thought I blazed a path on a dead end street-
Always incomplete
d) and none of these are an excuse for the person
I've avoided
And all you f***ers in denial
Looks like you'll have to get there soon
to wait awhile

Before you send me off in a nailed shut box-
Please Let me know

Stopped feeling insecure with what was said
Indifferent to the voice attatched to the head
What we will become, is how we choose
Fight like a dumb man when you make him think
You stay afloat for now, but surely you'll sink
With synthetic friends
Now I conclude, I won't confide in you

Hypocrite please, you know the truth
you're just to happy to decide it
Like a prediction in a nursery ryhme
To shut me up you'll have to wait a whole life time

Before you send me off in nailed shut box
please let me know
Before you send me off in a nailed shut box
Please let me know.

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