Heaven Shall Burn

Naked Among Wolves

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One life, one hope - this is our life in hell punished for telling the truth, for unwanted ideals.
Innocence means nothing here - we stand and fall together.
The only way to ever leave this barren hill.
The smile of a child set free our minds.
A symbol of life in this domain of death they want to erase it.
If these bastards ever come to know, they'll kill us all.
They search everywhere - everyday, they infiltrate us.
They torture they slew my best friends.
As he would never betray as he saved the boys life, he set a world free.
A symbol of moral victory, we're invincible!
We raised from the dead, winged by this struggle.
We judged our tormentors, they fled like cowardly bastards.
The boys grew in freeom, we saved the whole world.

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