Nameanuheard (Remix)

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feat. Butch Cassidy, Capone, Cam'Ron, Fat Joe
Swizz Beats, We got some thugs, thugs in the building
We got some thugs, thugs in the building
We got some thugs thugs in the building
We got some thugs, thugs in the building
Hennessey with no rocks, sportin the four pound Lazi raw
Thought the job was ruckus, guess the Squad's back after all
Twin connection, leave your remains at the intersection
Put the shotty to your body give you intergestion
A simple lesson that your crew should fathom
I knew I had 'em I don't need a big first week, I cruise past 'em
Top of the world is what they yellin now
TS is steady on the ground, my niggas still tryin to settle down
Who get it down like (CASSIDY)
You clowns'll never sound like or try and sound like (CASSIDY)
Who runnin the underground like (CASSIDY)
Ain't none of you niggas nice right now like (CASSIDY)
See I can understand (stand), that I'm a wanted man (man)
So I don't battle for nothin under a 100 grand (grand)
Man I'm clockin all, so cross your eyes or watch your mouth
Or get popped and just straight and I'm out, peace
Uh killa, I said I know ya heard, know ya heard
When I'm slow I swerve, sippin on that sizzerp, it was so absurd
And the hos in furs, dear O's and birds
First to the third, come with that dough and get served
Mess with me that'd be so absurd
Taliban smokin curb like a O a herb
All about that Swilla Cam, baby girl is killa cam
Your dealin with gorillas man
Yeah, yo, hey yo, hey yo, I know you heard, I know you heard
I got striped like "Private Ryan", I black most everybody dyin
when I'm blast toast ya baby mom's cryin
Your crew suited up and hard by us treat like God's got 'em
I know you heard that I'm ill, I know you heard that I'm mad real
My favorite fictious heavyweight niggas be all (what's up) Diplomats
with the Terror Squad, Militainment blow weed in my arraignment
Yo, yo, yo, yo, It's like they waitin for my downfall
Knocked out before round four
What you carin how I sound for? (NORE)
What the fuck ya'll say ya'll (NORE)
Yes my guns will spray ya'll
Kick and cade, I good with the blade
I'm spittin them automatics that will stop your age
Dead wrong like two niggas gettin engaged
Dick an afro puff like I'm fuckin wit rage
Oh girl, we bonin this bitch then gon Earl
Two niggas and just one bitch lose they pearls
Still blow trees, keep them hos on freeze
And the only time I close my eyes is when I sneeze
So bitch please just lay on ya knees
I'm a grown ass man, ya'll kids like Chuck D's
Stay dumbin out, and you know that your time runnin out
The album comin quick, way before the summer's out
[Chorus] w/ ad libs