Narcotic Avenue

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Yeah ooh wakin´ up to another day my one track mind
I´ve got to have it I gotta feed where will I find
Medication I need sedation somethin´ for the pain
I gotta get me what I want or I´ll go inside

Fight for survival death on arrival huh

I tried to quit nut I know it´s wrong and it´s killin´ me
Oh maybe next week I´ll give it a try
We´ll just wait and see in that one
My heart is racin´ I can´t stop pacin´ but I know what to do
Just take a walk down the block narcotic avenue

Fight for survival death on arrival
Fight for survival death on arrival

Feel the rush inside your veins
No concern of what remains
You cannot stop don´t blame me
I´ll be the last thing you see uh

Yeah I´m comin´ down another round time to up the dose
But now you´re dead the headline read fatal overdose
Now you´re dead and it´s over and done