Never Be Here Again

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We dedicate
We sacrifice
Endless days and sleepless nights
The payment, the price
And finally
Here we are
Distance we've overcome
So many, so far
Now's the time, this is the place
Look around
Take it in
Enjoy this moment while you can
'cause we may never be, never be here again
Every sound
Every sight
Remember how this feels tonight
'Cause we may never be, never be here again
Years from now
Will fill our minds with images
Of how good it used to be
so why don't we
seize this day
Capture all the moments
before time takes them away
Now's the time, this is the place...
My hearts like a bomb that's about to go off... (feel my)
pulse stard to race, i cant catch my breath... (we've worked)
Too long, too hard to let it go to waste... (these are)

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