Dropkick Murphys

Never Forget

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In a child's eye there's something I hope someday you'll know
A friend's dedication, it's something to behold
A mother's smile, it makes everything all right
To a woman's caring hand I'll be holding on tonight

When you got love and we got family
keep 'em close and don't forget
To hold them right there in your heart
When you got love and family

To my father's stern direction
And the lessons that he taught
My Grandmothers affection
And the faith I always fought
To the kids at the shows
And the way you sing it back at us
And the boys down the park
When we were young and life was nuts


To all the single parents
Who keep holding down the fort
To all you sons and daughters
Be thankful for what you've got
To everyone with no one
May good fortune turn your way
To everyone whose had someone
Remember them today


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