Red Hot Chili Peppers

Never Is A Long Time

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If I stall at all or
The world of always
Never seems to wait
A comedy that could be
So divine

A shadow born
To steal the light of day
You woke me up
And said “c’mon let’s play”
Well now I know
That never has….it’s way

You are you are
The star I say
From far from far
From far away
The laws that cause
It all to stay
By you by you
By you by you
For you I do

I thought I’d done it all
I thought I knew
But nothing ever looked
As good as you
Now every never
That I knew was fine
Never is a long time

And now I share
This feeling with my dad
Stolen goods aren’t always
Half that bad
The never that we’ll always

The faded piping on your press
Will always have its place I guess
By you by you
A common love
That we can bless
The pleasure of
My child’s mess
Golden books
And tenderness
Have rescued me
From emptiness

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