Voodoo Glow Skulls

New Jerk Swing

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How many times do they play that song
broken record on and on
cant they find a new song to sing?
ass some style to that thing

some people try to hit eachother
others try to love another
cant figure out what they should be
me, i try and be just me

cant stand the way its done
go away! be someone
i keep hearing its all wrong
that same thing on and on

got no substance to your style
go back home and practice awhile
why do you be gagging me?
ive found my own place i should be

The worlds full of wish i could be's
bring it raw, that be me
passing fad so versatile
my own place stay awhile

we cant dance and we cant sing
so we call it NEW JERK SWING
everyones got their own damn thing
this is it, NEW JERK SWING

got no substance and too much style
do for your own so versatile
me, im bleeding fo originality
sometimes this is too easy

Load that weapon keep blowin' minds
you and i, we aint the kind
Somebody talking likes it's a sure thing
keep the fight for the brass ring

its all the same song
and its all wrong

May we suggest a new recipe
Something cool, no wanna-bes
Do the homework, find the page
And don't criticize one who stays
Got the good thing, one that pays
Leave it alone please stay away
Create your own fight for the day
Too much plastic in the way.

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