Night Goat

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She walk my way to fee
And I grit my teeth
It's more like hundred milo
And I know more me

But you can make my teeth growl
You can make my underwell
It's a big, dark world now
It's a big, dark Hell

Los sitar, watch out for your tails
Like, of course, a timely man
Like a hog dance
Like a pig dare
Mind warp deceptor wan

Wait a minute, I caught defouled
And I felt it groan
She meant to hold the bar down
And she cleaned my nose

I look so peaceful
And I look so underwell
I ain't got no mouthful
I ain't got no tail

You look like such a worldly man
Like a sinner tossed on the wind
Like a hotel
Like a piston
Like a well, old man, a wan

Rock sides supports them, would you wail
Like a tosser, timely man
Like a hard descend
Like a cyst stone
Like a well worn dance, stone why