After The Fire

Night Is Still Falling

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Lord I'm at a loss to explain
Why we're running before you
Living our lives in sorrow and pain
And still we choose to ignore you
And our hearts they grow colder
Guess we'll never learnNight is still falling -repeat x4
The signs are up, but no one can read
Not even our top men
Wheels they turn, they're gathering speed
And no one can stop them
But our eyes they grow darker
As the light starts to fadeNight is still falling -repeat x4
Listen now, the voice you can hear
Do you think you can place it
Does it fill you with joy or fill you with fear
But you've still got to face it
All the kids are turning
But there's nowhere to run
Night is still falling -repeat x4
Empty words are all that we speak
When we say we don't need you
Thinking we're strong we make ourselves weak
But it's always what we do
But our hearts they grow harder
Guess that we'll never learn
Night is still falling -repeat x4
Repeat and fade

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