Night Of The Knife

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Back alley ways
is there he stalks
The feel the blade tucked near his heart
The cold, the mist sets floatingly
Street lights ablazde haughtingly
Nasty surprise or jack the knife
the fate comes back from the dead
Repeating the crime deep in his mind
for vengeance or has been said
The papers will read he is still free
victims will fall from his quest
Roaming around he'll never be found
and with slice he'll lay to rest
Night of the knife
Night of the knife
Angel of death brings tyranny
to steal your mind and slice your dreams
You try to run but your too late
a victim of an endless fate
Dark side of town an eerie sight
The moon reflects the only light
You see the blade you hear the slice
now it's too late he's taken your life
(Pre-chorus, chorus)