Robert Earl Keen

Night Right For Love

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When the sun goes down on the wild frontier
the stars come out so bright and clear.
That big round moon shines down from above.
The wind sings a tune on this night right for love.

I hold you near as we lie in the dark
and all that I hear is the beat of your heart
like the sound of the wind on the wings of a dove.
There's no need to pretend on this night right for love.

I've been a lonely rider on a road so dark and long
with no one to provide the kind of love to carry on.
You set my soul on fire like no one else before
and I thank my lucky stars tonight I ride alone no more.

And I know the wheels beneath us will roll.
And time surely steals this moment we hold.
But tonight is the night that dreams are made of.
Beneath the moonlight on this night right for love.
Underneath the moonlight on this night for love

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