Natalie Cole

Nobody's Soldier

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Ooh... I walked away from you once before
I still see you standing at the door
Trying to find the strength to say goodbye to you
Maybe we were wrong; gotta find what's right for me
Oh yes, we were brave to go our separate ways
But these days I wonder who's gun I'm under, I am...

Nobody's soldier
Marching to the rhythm of a lonely heart
I am nobody's soldier
When my battle is over, I'll be nobody's soldier

Life itself is war enough
I can't win for you, you can't lose for me
Broken hearts and dreams we left along the way
Will only gives us strength to fight another day
Maybe I just lived too hard and loved too much
But fighting win or lose, I'll be...

(Repeat Chorus)

Where do we begin to learn to love again
Find a place for me, and one day we'll be free

(Sax Solo)

When lovers part they leave their broken dreams behind
And their wounded hearts to heal, still I am...

(Repeat Chorus with Ad-Libs and Fade)

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