Gilbert O'sullivan

Nobody Wants To Know

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Once I was hailed as a prodigal son
In other words loved by everyone
Now it's so different wherever I go
Nobody wants to know
Tried having meetings running about
Same as I did when I started out
Now though different wherever I go
Nobody wants to know
Could have been normal
And look like the rest
But I in my wisdom
Decided instead
To create an image and this at a time
When image was one word nobody minded you
Being abusive too
Standing in doorways for hours on end
Waiting to get back a tape I send
And when I get it what does it show
Nobody wants to know
Sign on the door say's better come in
So I enter and play them my songs
They tell me (all the ones that you had bits with
In the early days were great
And, while the new ones really sound bang up to date
There's not a market for a singer of your age
Unless of course he's dead
(dead! That's it you got a deal
Look at Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Elvis
Why he sold more records after his death
Than he ever did when he Was alive
You'll be a sensation number one all over again
I an see it now his twenty gravest hits)
Sooner or later I will succeed
Good luck and timing is all I need
But for the moment where can I go
Nobody wants to know
Licking my wounds from not only my face
Is getting to be so be so common place
That even the angel my guardian one
Supposedly there to protect me anonymously
Is as nervous as can be
I have no reason at all to suspect
Hatred of me adds to my neglect
Not that it matters cancel the show
Nobody wants to know

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