Rick Wakeman

No Expense Spared

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You say you won't believe me
When I tell you that I'm scared
And the way you walk you walk towards me.
Only shows that you once cared
Now there's no, no expense spared
No expense spared
No expense spared
No expense, no, no

No, no, no
Everybody knows,
Everybody´s singing in the one man show of life
My life, some life
Some life
Some life
Some life
Some life
Some life
Life, life, life

Cheap, so cheap, a bargain,
Buy it at the shop, at the store with a cheque or card
Tell me now, what should I be doing here ?
No expense is spared
So any little deal will do, I give it no regard.
Hanging around, that's all I seem to do when you're around
Buy, buy, buy our product
Well below the recommended price, it's not so hard
Absolutely stunning
That'll do nicely, slap it on the card today
Oh I can't see, what you want from me,
No expense is spared
I haven't any money so American Express will pay.
No commitment, no financial guarantee

I should own the bank, then
Take it all away to play the town
The price is down
And there's no expense spared for me.

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