Act As One

No Looking Back

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the writing is on the wall in every room of this house this residence reeks of a scent I have not put my finger upon it yet I should’ve guessed it before I even walked inside the bed doesn’t creak if you’re just asleep I think we know where this story is going kiss your ass goodbye for me don’t you say a single thing lock it up and throw out the key no looking back no looking back now tell your friends that they all suck tell them I don’t give a fuck try to say composed when I say no looking back no looking back now I’ve known this for quite some time that you have grown sick of me well it’s one thing darling I’m ahead of you on I’ve taken my share of liberties you never gave any effort except to get your way think twice before you try me you won’t get a second chance I had you figured out this time it wasn’t the case you’re so predictable I knew you’d never change