Ghostface Killah

No No No

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We-we-we sound and tell the people
About the musical disc coming your way!
(Buck-bu-bu-buck! Brrr-bu-bu-buck!
Ghostface Killah!)

I'd love to make you happy, buy an island off Miami
Feed your mother and your family, my wildest fantasies
Take place, overlooking real high mountains
They wrote our name in the sky, see baby, we bout it!
This is all us, Adam and Eve if you want
This time, we respect God's work from the jung'
That's all you ever said, Ghost fed, many heads
Broke dead, I'm going bald, girl, I can't grow dreads
Kiana told Deb, on the moped
CiCi Vet on the beach steps give me slow neck
She's lyin', she be on X
She's tired, she a house wreck (that's right)
Don't buy it, tell me why you said that ("Cause you left me...")
I never left you, you left me
You thought if you break out from the kids, you'll be stress free
Talkin' bout it, baby, you my first lady
You let me suck up on them nipples
When I get cranky, and taste your kitty

So girl, won't you on come back down to Earth
Once you land on the Rock, you gonna always see a dirt
Face first, they the worst, they searched and searched
And the worst, don't it hurt, my love, stay alert

Two things that you can't touch: My money, my girl
The he-say and she-say could f**k up your world
Playa-haters, perpetrators, house-breakers
Can you see the fact that nigga try'nna live life?
I was raised in a jungle, and stumbled on hills
And didn't nobody ask me on how did I feel
But that sugar and my spice, that's wife
She's my lady, and we just wanna live right, uh

Tell the people, tell the people...
Tell the people, tell the people...
Tell the people, tell the people...
Tell the people, tell the people...
No, no, no... you don't love me and I know now...
No, no, no... you don't love me, yes, I know now...
Tell the people (I see you)
Tell the people (I see you)
No, no, no... I'll do anything for...

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