Calvin Russell

North Austin Slim

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1 We were siting in
the pool hall on
a cold and windy day
Tellin jokes and funny
stories just to pass
some time away
2 The door slowly
oppened and a form
crept softly in
Everyone stopped their
kidding when they saw
North Austin Slim
3 I'll be damn said
this dude from Waco
If it ain't Ole North Side Austin Slim
We're gonna have to
make a brand new
language to describe
the shape he's in
4 One night I was
drinkin in a tavern
Puttin a mighty stew
That's when trouble
happened to wander
And she sat
beside me too
5 So I asked her if she
wanted to have a drink
And she sweetly said
she would
As I gazed into those
beautiful eyes
I thought
I understood
I'm not sayin women
are my trouble
I'm not sayin women
are no good
I'm just sayin that I
can't live with 'em
But without 'em I
wouldn't live
Even if I could

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