Wednesday 13

Not Another Teenage Anthem

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The rules that you make are the rules that we break
And we slither through your system now just like snakes
Pat us on the back and tell us we're great
Then you grab us by the throat and feed us our fate

We've got a problem with your solution
Just hell-bent on our own confusion
You can't shake hands now with a fist
Cause that kind of friendship don't exist

Mom and dad look at me now
I know you're so damn proud
The baby you used to kiss
I can not resist these middle fingers on my fist

Hey this is not another teenage anthem

But it sounds like one,
For all the bored and the young
Who dare to be dumb

The look and they say it's so sad a shame
How anyone could eve turn out like this way
But in a world of liars and hypocrites
You're the reason that this monster exists

Quick to point the finger saying who's at fault
That rock and roll and movies operate our thoughts
They only reason we do what we do is
To shove it down the throats of pricks like you

And we don't need a reason
To give you all a fucking beating
And if you think you can make us
Go ahead and try and take us

We don't care

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